May 18, 2016

How To Properly Maintain Your Wood Flooring

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The maintenance of wood flooring, while basically a simple process in concept, does have several details that need to be factored in when desiring to keep floors beautiful and a worthwhile investment for a potential future time to sell. The style and finish of your floor are vital considerations. So is the level of gloss or shine that you wish to maintain. If you have active children and pets in the house, or if you have grey flooring, all these factors can determine which maintenance routine is best for your hardwood flooring. 

Below we cover several additional factors to consider in maintaining your beautiful hardwood floors just that--beautiful.

Humidity In Your Home

Especially with the cold, wet winters in Canada, it behooves homeowners to remember that wood flooring is not going to ever be waterproof. Wiping and drying at the first sign of something dropping to the floor is mandatory. Failing to do so may mean having to refinish your floors periodically to make them last.

Ideally, a relative constant range of humidity works best with hardwood flooring--usually between 45 percent and 55 percent with some fluctuations permitted. Exotic wood floor covering needs a humidity level in the range of 40 percent but not lower. 

Failure to maintain the appropriate humidity level may cause gaps in your wood during the winter months, and if set too high, may cause wood expansion that results in bending and buckling during the summer months. That being said, keeping the humidity right is facilitated by use of a room-sized humidifier during the summer and winter months.


Having Active Children, Pets and High-Heel Shoes 

Keeping your pet’s nails neatly trimmed and advising your children to perhaps wear socks inside the house, are advisable tips of advice in any home with floorings made of hardwood.  Ladies, remembering to take off your spiked, high-heel shoes and attaching felt pads under furniture legs also is highly recommended to keep your floors looking fresh, shiny and new.

Exotic Woods And Grey Wood Floors

Exotic hardwood flooring and grey wood floors are beautiful, but they need special care depending on the type of wood of which they are made. Brazilian Cherry, Australian Cypress, Brazilian Walnut and Tiger Woods are all exquisitely beautiful, but each is unique and requires appropriate maintenance routines.

General Maintenance Tips:

- Sweeping or vacuuming regularly with soft-bristle brooms or brushes helps prevent wood-scratching buildup.

- Using window coverings like curtains and shades and moving the furniture regularly prevents fading of wood floors.

- Never sand wood floors.

- Avoid scratching and use damp, but not drenched mops.

- Never use oiled soaps as they dull wood floor coverings, especially on grey flooring.

- Save cleaning with white vinegar and water for laminated floors.