Frank Smith is a collection of original furniture pieces designed by Francis Lemieux and manufactured by Francis Lemieux & Co.

Five new additions to the Frank Smith collection include: a bedside table/occasional table with drawer; solid wood dining chairs; a new variation on our room partitions/screens; and stunning bed and bedroom furniture suite designed for maximizing comfort and efficiency in smaller spaces.

Standard designs may also be customized to suit your space. Francis Lemieux & Co. has been designing and making custom contemporary furniture in Vancouver since 1984.

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Jul 7, 2016
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Window replacement is often a major part of many home renovation projects. Finding and selecting the right materials, styles and installations is a concern that no homeowner should leave to chance. Selecting between hung windows that can be tilted to provide superior air circulation, sliding mounts that minimize the hardware involved during installation and even awning and casement windows that may provide a more attractive compliment to their surroundings can all be done more easily by those who possess a better understanding of their options and choices. Choosing the right windows design, style or layout will ensure that home upgrades are able to provide superior results and lasting satisfaction

May 18, 2016
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The maintenance of wood flooring, while basically a simple process in concept, does have several details that need to be factored in when desiring to keep floors beautiful and a worthwhile investment for a potential future time to sell. The style and finish of your floor are vital considerations. So is the level of gloss or shine that you wish to maintain. If you have active children and pets in the house, or if you have grey flooring, all these factors can determine which maintenance routine is best for your hardwood flooring

Below we cover several additional factors to consider in maintaining your beautiful hardwood floors just that--beautiful.

Apr 28, 2016
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Summary: A collection of original furniture